What is Rumble TV?

Rumble TV is our digital workout platform featuring live and on-demand at-home Rumble workouts. It’s also quantifiable proof that working out can be really, really ridiculously fun. (But don’t take our word for that… 💪).

What are the Rumble TV workouts like?

True to the O.G. Rumble experience, Rumble TV workouts are equal parts results-driven and fun. Expect high energy, killer music, and a serious sweat. Rumble TV offers a variety of class types within our core modalities: Boxing, HIIT, Strength & Running.

Are the workouts live or on-demand?

Both! Because more is more 😎. We run a live schedule of Rumble TV classes every day and have an extensive (and always growing) library of on-demand Rumble workouts.

What equipment do I need?

None! But if you’ve got weights, a treadmill or a boxing bag (lucky!), we’ve got lots of workouts that put those to use, too. Our boxing workouts are designed to be done on or off the bag (shadowboxing, which you can level up with light weights or brass knuckles when you’re game for a challenge). For more information on our class types & equipment used in each class, learn more here.

New to Rumble TV 👋 — where should I start?

First things first: this is going to be fun! Check out our Getting Started guide here for the need-to-know on how we throw down on Rumble TV. We have lots of workouts on Rumble TV — Boxing, HIIT, Strength, and Running — and you can read all about our class types here.

I’ve never boxed before. Will I be able to keep up?

Yes! All boxing workouts are open to all levels and require no equipment (no boxing bag needed!). Check out this video, where we break down the 6 punches before your first class, and you’ll be ready to rock. Plus, we’ve got lots of non-boxing workouts like HIIT, Strength & Running for the days when you don’t want to throw down.

How do I stream Rumble TV workouts?

Rumble TV is web-based, so you can stream your workouts on any web or mobile device. Check out our full Streaming Guide here to learn how to cast to your TV via Airplay, HDMI cord or directly from a Smart TV.

What are the Rumble TV subscription options and prices?

Your first week is on us — then we offer a monthly subscription for $29/month and an annual subscription for $249/year.

Is it a website or an app?

Web for now — with an app on the way!

Do I need to sign up for live Rumble TV workouts?

Nope! You can add the workouts to your calendar via the live schedule — or simply show up when it’s time to throw down.

Will other people see me working out?


Where is Rumble TV available?

For now, Rumble TV is only available in the U.S.

How can I favorite or save a class?

Tap the ❤️  button under the video to add to your Favorites. It will be saved on the top of your On Demand Library under Favorites.

How can I upgrade my membership from monthly to annual?

Head to the Dashboard section of the site (once logged in) & click Billing. Under “Active Plan,” click “Change Plan” and select Rumble TV Annual. The remaining, pro-rated amount of your current monthly membership will be applied as a credit to the price of the Rumble TV Annual.

How can I join the Rumble TV Facebook Group?

Welcome to the not-so-secret society known as the Rumble Fam; you can join our private Facebook group here for exclusive Rumble content, unfiltered Rumble shenanigans & to connect with Rumble trainers & the rest of the Rumble fam. We have a good time over there, promise!

How can I cancel my membership?

Head to the Account section of the site (once logged in) & click Billing. Under “Active Plan,” click “Change Plan” and then click “Cancel Membership.”

How do I book a private event class?

If you'd like to book a private event class please email us at